Welcome to my page. Please enjoy looking around and if you have any questions please let me know. If you have purchased one of our foals or horses we would love to know how they are doing. Thank You for Visiting
I Purchased my first Paint Breeding Stallion 24 yrs ago 'Spookernatural' and he is still with me and breeding a mare or two a year. 'Spook' has been very good to me and is a terrific sire. He is a 1988 Black/White Tobiano son of APHA Champion 'Tinky's Spook' His background can be read about in Paint Horse Legends. 'Spook' will be retiring soon and I suspect he won't like that much but it is for his own good. I have held onto some of his daughters for my Paint Broodmares. Spooks daughters, along with my QH's mares that I have raised will be bred to my new stallion additions 'Wiley' and 'JT' there should be some very nice colorful foundation foals coming from these mares next year.
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Due to PC & OS problems I am having to redo my website, it wont be long and it will be fully funtional again. Sorry for the mess. Debbie
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